Co-operatively Yours DVD
Kristin Lee Ojaniemi

Co-operatively Yours DVD

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Settlers Co-operative in Bruce Crossing - a Finnish-American story

Eclipse Award Winner

For a century, Settlers Co-op in Bruce Crossing has been the hub of a very Finnish-American community, serving patrons and passers-through at the crossroads of Highway 45 and 28 in the heart of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Filmmaker Kristin Ojaniemi, a daughter of the community, captures the history and collective memories of the residents and patrons of the Co-op, from its humble beginnings in 1917 to the present day. This film goes beyond one U.P. community; rather, it celebrates the legacy of the Finnish-American co-operative movement in America. Through the encouragement and support of Finlandia University's Finnish American Heritage Center, and thanks to generous grants from Finlandia Foundation, Suomi Seura, and the board of FinnFest USA 2013 (Copper Country), this DVD has been realized. Just as the former Settler Co-op store manager Carl Norberg signed his correspondences, "Co-operatively Yours" we offer you this documented story of the Settlers Co-op.

Co-operatively yours,

Jim Kurtti, director
Finnish American Heritage Center
Finlandia University


Finnish American Heritage Center, 2017


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