Driftwood: Stories Picked Up Along the Shore
Howard Sivertson

Driftwood: Stories Picked Up Along the Shore

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Award-winning artist Howard Sivertson combines his painting skills with his vivid storyteller's imagination to bring to life the bygone days and colorful people of the picturesque settlements along Lake Superior's shores. Like the driftwood collected by a beachcomber, Sivertson's tales and paintings are delightful treasures for the seeker to discover. Follow him as he traces the everyday joys and hardships of the earliest adventurers in this breathtakingly beautiful wilderness. His vibrant style and inimitable art take the reader along while greenstoning,racing a lake squall, celebrating Boat Day and working in the fishing camps. Howard shares his family legacy and lifelong passion for the splendor and solitude of the islands and communities of Lake Superior and, through his masterworks, ensures this heritage will never be lost.

Lake Superior Port Cities, 2008

Hardcover, 104 pages, 11 x 9 inches

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